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Have you ever considered the elements that would help in building a capable online reputation for your brand? While the digital marketing cake relies heavily on inbound marketing and lead generation, using animations and video-graphics can help in doubling the result of such tools. If you are already considering paid-marketing but cannot rise above three-star, you must give a try to video animations to yield five-star marketing results. Filming and designing video-based animations is an imaginative art. It primarily targets attracting the audience such that they feel entertained while all the essential information is conveyed to them. This helps save the selective information in the subconscious of your audience in a creative manner, which allows them to recall it when in need. In this blog, we would enlist the seven primary and elementary differences that can help in making video animation more productive and creative concerning your brand marketing

1. Always ensure the addition of essentials

Animations and video-inclusive ads should always include your brand logo, a call-to-action button, and a value proposition for your customers. It helps the viewers learn about the focal point of the video and immediately take action if the information is compelling. Adding a brand logo is a futuristic approach that helps in imprinting the brand name in the minds of customers.

2. Be clear about the purpose.

If you are using video animations for your brand’s digital marketing, it must have an aim and objective. All you need to do is present that objective in a viewer-friendly manner such that it attracts the viewers and helps to turn visitors into leads.

3. Use creative visuals but refrain from over-usage

Let’s face it, if you have considered filmmaking and focused on a single individual who is sitting beside a desktop and have added no visuals, it would not create value. Instead, it would generate a wave of boredom and reflect the customers from your brand. Isn’t is quite the opposite of what you expect? In order to ensure that the maximum audience is attracted to your brand, you need to ensure that you make use of friendly and in-trend visuals. However, you must refrain from overly using the visuals because it will make the content cringe.

4. Never make promises that you cannot keep.

This is one of the most common mistakes that most brands make. Just to attract a maximum audience and see traffic on the webpage, they end up making promises and offerings that they cannot hold on to. You should ensure that the video animations are factual and strictly bound to the truth so that the audience appear with realistic expectations. Digital marketing become 63.87% more appealing to the customers when they know exactly what they would get (source: Statista)

5. Consider the platform

It is ideal to consider the platform while starting to work on animations. One-size-fits-all does not hold valid when it comes to digital marketing tactics. Besides considering the audience, you also need to consider the platform that you are using. Posting millennial stuff on Facebook might help attract a young audience, but posting similar things on LinkedIn might create a bad image as most people there are business-oriented and professional in nature.

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